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    Our company has 20+ years of experience in Company formations & Business setup, we are a market leader with specific & tailored knowledge demonstrating huge success in this industry, we provide a dedicated team of experts and excellent flight to quality business processes.

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    Our portfolio of services is second to none which suits all of our client’s business needs, with business set up specialisation not only in the UAE our portfolio of other locations gives TMS Corporate Service the leading edge over our competitors.

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    We are committed to providing business formation with ease & reliability, we are a market leader with specific & tailored knowledge demonstrating huge success in this industry.

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    We serve our clients with passion; our mission is solid ‘we are committed to providing business formation and set up with ease & reliability along with demonstrating the ability to go the extra mile, our dedicated team of experienced advisor’s will walk our clients through the comprehensive solutions that our company offers from company formation & Business setup to annual renewals.

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    Our portfolio of service offerings serves our wide range of clients from high-net-worth individuals to mid-range & start up.

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    We exclusively offer a fully integrated end to end business setup working closely with our dedicated business partners to offer clients an extensive range of services.

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    We offer a full range of in-depth services tailored to our client’s needs, see our detailed portfolio for a selection of our services with close links to our dedicated partners.

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    We guide and assist our clients to choose the best bank account for their specific needs.

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    We offer maximum support to ensure the selection of the right sponsors.

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    We guide our clients through the process and ensuring that they have correct visa in place.

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    Accounting is one of the most important factors that make a business a huge success.

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    Real estate practice teams who have a vast local knowledge and continued awareness of the environment.

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    We are market leaders in Company Formations and Business set up, covering all different business type’s which meets the varied and individual needs of our clients, with business processes performed, flight to quality we successfully achieve our goals seamlessly and meet our committed timelines.

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      At TMS we value our customers feedback, we ensure all our customer reviews are fed back into our operational efficiencies to improve our services we provide to our customers, ensuring we have a unique Customer Services experience.


      Most of your valuable questions are covered under faq’s.

      Setting up a business in the UAE provides you with numerous benefits. This includes 0% income taxes, a wide variety of business activities, options to choose between various license options, no currency restrictions, ability to repatriate 100% of capital and profit and easy set up processes & legal procedures.  

      In UAE, companies can be incorporated as a mainland business, free zone, or an offshore business. For a business setup in the UAE mainland, a local sponsor may be required, and the license is provided by the Department of Economic Department in the respective Emirate. In a free zone, one can operate only within a limited geographical region, and the business is licensed by the respective free zone authority. An offshore business in UAE allows you to safeguard your wealth and assets, but you can only trade outside UAE. A certificate of incorporation is provided instead of a trade license.
      Investors can choose from more than thousands of activities that are registered and allowed by the Economic Department.

      Companies in the mainland are onshore companies with their licenses issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED) or any related department in other Emirates. These companies are allowed to do business without restrictions whatsoever in the local market and outside the UAE. A foreign individual needs a local sponsor before being able to go forward with their venture. This local sponsor should be a UAE national. A local sponsor owns at least 51% of the business when it is already established. However, as of November 2020, the UAE granted 100% foreign ownership of all onshore commercial(trading) companies in the UAE.

      A free zone Company is incorporated in an area in the UAE that has its authority in the said location. It has its own set of rules and regulations. Companies that are established in a free zone are allowed to do business in there or outside the UAE. Companies that are established in free zones can enjoy 100% ownership without needing any local sponsorship as a contrast to establishing a company in the mainland.

      No, 100% foreign ownership is possible in Free Zones and for onshore UAE-based businesses. You can start and run a business from abroad.

      There are no corporate or personal taxes in the UAE. Companies must pay a 5% import duty to clear their goods from the port into the country.

      Setting up a business in the UAE can take up to 4 to 5 working days. However, it depends on several factors and certifications bound to the company’s establishment and approvals depending on the jurisdictions.

      After the company is formed and residence visa for the owner is received, then the bank account opening process can we executed. We are experts in bank account opening with a success rate of over 85% percentage. Contact us today to open your corporate or personal bank accounts

      There are different types of visa requirements in the UAE depending on the company type, every foreign national need a residence visa to live and work in the UAE. To hire staff in your organization, the manager/owner manager of the entity must have a residence visa, this will then enable the company to recruit staff. Offshore incorporations do not require a residence visa as they do not entitle the holder to do business in the UAE. The free zone incorporations allow for issuing residence visas depending upon the size of the entity.

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