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Mainland Company Formation

Mainland Company Formation In Dubai

Unlike the free zone business setup, mainland companies have much scope of diversity. It has various options for conducting business activities. You can establish multiple branches of the company, enabling a large presence in the region, mainland companies can also carry out governmental contracts. There is no barrier on the number of visas and no yearly audits.

For mainland company formation in Dubai relevant Emirates ID, passports will be needed. We would like to highlight that 122 of the business verticals has the mandate of the local sponsor waived, and we expect this to further increase, thus giving full ownership to the investors that want the Mainland Company set up in UAE, for the remaining business verticals the maximum share that can be held by an expat is 49%.

A Glance At The Key Benefits:

Freedom to opt for premises in any area of Dubai, the freedom to trade anywhere in the UAE or outside the country, undertake various projects for Government bodies.

Mainland Company Formation In Dubai


Clients Review

Mainland Company Formation in UAE

Our expert Mainland Business setup consultants can help you with business setup services that are affordable, effortless, and secure. Mainland Business setup undergoes loads of complicated processes that are indeed time-consuming therefore, there is a need for an expert consultation provider to ease your path with the right support and guidance. Mainland Business Formation consultants help you in the paperwork process for you and your employees. They improve the management of clients’ projects, ensuring the progression of their businesses, and help define priorities, understand risks and implement management, control procedures, and systems to guarantee optimal management. It is important to remember that there are different rules and regulations, procedures, and fees for different free zones in Dubai when starting a company.
The DED (Dubai Economic Department) allows all private business entities and their representatives permission to perform commercial business functions on the Dubai Mainland. The Department of Economic Development (DED) is a government body that bears the responsibility to supervise its function and support economic development. The Business Registration & licensing sector of DED gives trading, professional & Industrial activities licenses. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) offers the best environment in the Gulf and it’s amazing.
mainland company formation in uae

Some benefits of setting up a Mainland Business Setup Dubai are:

  • Ease of getting office space at affordable rates with the flexibility to rent/lease office anywhere.
  • Flexibility to do business in any part of the UAE. 
  • No restrictions in processing legal documents.
  • No yearly auditing.
  • No limitations in getting employment visas and an easy recruiting process.
  • No requirement for minimum capital.
  • No need for the professional service agent to avail professional licenses.
  • Dubai is a city of exciting possibilities, numerous financial analysts and business experts have graphed this city as the best spot to start your business.
  • Business setup in Dubai mainland allows companies to trade within the local markets as well as conduct business internationally.
  • To save your time and money, it is recommended to complete your company formation through a business setup consultant.
  • Mainland company formation in Dubai offers unrestricted access for a company to conduct its business locally, as per its license activity
  • A reliable law and order system. The UAE has a wide range of law firms that provide legal assistance to businesses.
  • Modern telecommunications.
  • For profit sharing between local sponsor and foreign investor, mainland business in Dubai offers a flexible legal arrangement whereby a sponsor can be paid a fixed annual fee, percentage of sales or percentage of profits.
  • Mainland Company in Dubai is exempted from corporate tax.
  • There is no minimum capital requirement for the formation of Mainland Company.
  • Mainland companies are allowed to take on governmental work unlike free zone companies which are prohibited from undertaking government contracts and are only allowed to carry out private commercial work.
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits are admissible.
  • Registration process for mainland companies is simple and hassle free.
  • There is no currency restriction for mainland business in Dubai
  • Setting up a mainland business in Dubai is the best option for a presence and a share in an ever-growing market. Begin with planning.
  • The shareholder is not required to be a Dubai resident in particular.
  • Separate register is not necessary to be maintained for the list of company’s officers.
  • The offshore company enjoys complete secrecy and privacy.
  • The authority grants the investor a right to own real estate properties in selected areas as mentioned in the law.
  • The company can open a bank account for doing the daily transaction in any currencies.
  • Restriction on foreign exchange is not imposed for these companies.
  • The capital and the company’s profits are the sole responsibility of the person starting the company.