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Offshore Company Formation

Offshore Company Formation In Dubai

TMS will offer the best advice to our clients to ensure the client is aware of all legal requirements for the international offshore business.

UAE has only three authorities that allow offshore licences and they are JAFZA, RAK and Ajman which offer endless possibilities for international entrepreneurs and investors. None of these authorities allow companies to run the business within the UAE, which means they cannot have any business transaction with the mainland and free zone companies.

A Glance At The Key Benefits:

0% corporate and personal tax, 100% foreign ownership, no restrictions on the directors/shareholders residency or citizenship.

Offshore Company Formation in Dubai


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Offshore Company Formation UAE

An offshore company is a business organization that operates from outside the country of its official registration or the location of its owners and stakeholders. The purpose of offshore company formation is a reduction in taxes and maximization of profits. Offshore establishments have been well-supported by the government in the 2 jurisdictions in terms of liquidity, taxation, and ownership laws. The simple reason for encouraging offshore business activities are that they help towards the economic growth and also earns good amount of investments from these companies. Most businessmen prefer going offshore based on the tax holiday concept to manage and run their business successfully. The additional benefits are freedom, secrecy, and easy methods of running the business.

Dubai has emerged as a place where maximum businessmen prefer to set up their offshore business as there are no taxes levied on offshore companies. The government of Dubai has also simplified the methods and procedures for setting up such offshore businesses. Being an independent country is an added benefit for having an offshore business setup in Dubai. It also has an agreement of avoiding double taxation with major foreign countries. These two factors ensure that life is much simpler for such offshore companies and also gives businesses the needed environment and opportunity to grow and earn more profits out of their offshore venture.

Offshore Company Formation UAE

The advantages of an Offshore Business Setup in Dubai are:

  • Shareholders’ liability limited to their capital share in the company.
  • The offshore company enjoys complete secrecy and privacy.
  • The shareholder is not required to be a Dubai resident in particular.
  • Restriction on foreign exchange is not imposed for these companies.
  • Physical movement of capital is not essential for incorporation.
  • The minimum number of shareholders and directors of the company is one.
  • Mostly exempt from corporate tax.
  • Businesses like tobacco and alcohol must pay municipal tax and duties.
  • No minimum share capital requirements either.
  • No office place is required for this company and as such it doesn’t incur cost for recruiting employees.
  • Can be represented by a law firm and accountant (subject to registrar approval).
  • Lower operating costs typically..
  • Full repatriation of funds and multi-currency transactions.
  • The location of the registered agent can either be in a free zone or locally in Dubai.
  • The capital and the company’s profits are the sole responsibility of the person starting the company.
  • Means for asset protection, international trading, tax planning, share acquisitions in other firms, real estate buying in the UAE (designated areas), trust funds, etc.
  • Tax obligations are exempt for offshore companies in Dubai.
  • Getting an offshore bank account in Dubai is easy with a Dubai company.

Jurisdictions under which an offshore company formation in UAE can take place:

JAFZA Offshore (Jebel Ali Free Zone) :

 JAFZA is an extremely popular jurisdiction with companies for offshore company registration in Dubai/ UAE. It is one of the largest and fastest-growing free zones.

RAK ICC (Ras Al Khaimah):

RAK International Corporate Centre is a modern, world-class company registry operating in full compliance with international standards and best practices in the international business company formation domain.

Ajman Offshore:

Ajman Offshore Zone (AFZ) established in 1988, has a lot of entrepreneurs carrying out Offshore Business Formation in UAE as they prefer to develop their infrastructure in Ajman. The strategic geographical location of AFZ is one of its key advantages due to its close proximity to the international airport.


All these are completely tax-free jurisdictions with no income tax or corporate tax implications and permit 100% foreign ownership.

Offshore companies may act as brokers – as sales agents, distribution companies, and import-export firms. In most cases, the company would purchase directly from the manufacturer or wholesaler and arrange for the goods to be delivered directly to the end user. Our business experts help you set up your offshore company in the UAE with their great experience, expertise, and dedication. Our consultants are very clever in all offshore licensing procedures and formalities. We compile and submit all the necessary documents. Our services cover the entire company formation process. We help our clients protect their assets and limit their liabilities. An importer can use an offshore procurement company to source goods abroad, and a producer can use an offshore sales company to distribute the goods. Profits on the difference between the purchase and sale price may be accumulated tax-free. Profits can be re-invested in further development of the business without incurring taxes. The companies that get registered in Dubai earn maximum profits because Dubai is known as a popular destination for its richer resources and visionary guidelines and encouragement by the government authorities. We don’t just help you from the initial stages of Offshore Company Formation in Dubai, but also guide you post business set up on how to take it forward and provide you with everything you need. An offshore company set up in Dubai can be used for international trading as well as asset protection; tax planning, acquiring real estate properties in the freehold area of Dubai; holding, becoming partners as well as acquiring shares of the other companies and trust funds etc.